Buy Local


751 West Fourth is approximately six months from opening the doors and we are very excited about how the project is coming together.  In particular, we are most proud of the fact that 751 West Fourth is a locally sourced project.  The ownership, developer, architect, general contractor and civil engineer are all based in Winston-Salem.  In addition, the graphics, website and signage are produced by Winston-Salem Based companies.  

Our Local Partners

  • Owner - Tight Lines Partners, LLC
  • Developer - Commercial Realty Advisors, LLC
  • Architect - arch7Studio
  • General Contractor - Frank L. Blum Construction
  • Civil Engineer/Landscape Architect - Stimmel and Associates
  • Graphics - Russell Agency
  • Website - Kilpatrick Design
  • Signage - Davis Sign Company
  • Leasing and Management - Commercial Realty Advisors, LLC

Winston-Salem is fortunate to have very talented, creative and capable companies based here.  We would encourage you to take advantage of Winston-Salem’s talent and BUY LOCAL.